Custom Wagons

Shepherds Wagons have been a colorful part of the Wyoming landscape since the 1880’s when large bands of sheep fed on the abundant grass and sagebrush of the mountainous regions. During the yearly grazing cycle, sheep and their herders often moved hundreds of miles from the winter range of lower elevations to the mountain summer range. Sheep, unlike cattle, required the presence of humans to watch over and protect them from predators and sudden storms. The sheepherder served this function and played a vital role in the history of the western sheep industry.

Gypsy Wagons

Equally suited as a romantic retreat, guest accommodations, home office or library, this award winning Gypsy Wagon has been sold. The wagon attracted a large crowd at the Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyoming in September where Lynn Sedar was awarded the honor of “Best Artist-Historical Craftsmanship” for creating this wagon.

Bath House Wagon

This style of wagon, adapted here for use as a bath house, was originally used by road construction crews or sheep ranchers in the early 1900’s. Its size and shape provide ample space for a variety of design purposes.

Fishing Camp Wagon

Originally called “flat bottom wagons” or “Home on the Range”, this transition period wagon was specifically built to go over a farm implement running gear. With the availability of rubber tires and a more modern running gear, builders were able to make the wagon larger. This larger wagon was sometimes given to the ranch foreman.